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Add Fortnite Scout Stats to Your Stream

You can show your Fortnite progress for the stream session, including your wins, k/d and placement statistics, right under your in-game health bar! Fill in the following information:

Epic Games Username

Select Platform

Select Overlay


Add Fortnite Scout Stats to Your Stream

Top 10%:
Top 25%:

Please consider adding a link to your Fortnite Scout player page in your !stats macro or stream description! We love you.
You can place more than one overlay on your stream, of course.
Also available: Fortnite Stats Panel for Twitch

BrowserSource Parameters:

Width: ?
Height: ?
(OBS) Shutdown Source When Not Visible: OFF (VERY IMPORTANT!)
Recommended transform (on a 1080p canvas): ?, ?

Donations are greatly appreciated. Server costs are real.

To add this to your stream, create either a BrowserSource (OBS Studio) or Webpage URL (XSplit Add->Other) and paste the URL and sizing numbers from above.

Thank you for NOT cropping out our branding. Fortnite Scout does not make money from the streaming overlay, so the more people that know about us through your stream, the longer we can continue doing what we're doing.

Add Fortnite Scout Stats to Your Stream

Move your new Fortnite Scout layers in place underneath your in-game health bar, map, or wherever you like. The recommended position listed above will work for most people running a default streaming setup, but you may have to position it manually. If you can't see the game in your stream monitor, try bringing up your inventory (default: Alt key) before alt-tabbing out of the game.


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