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New look!
June 21, 2018

Hello everyone! We’re pleased to unveil our new website design! Please let us know what you think.

This update comes with some other goodies as well.

  • A better desktop experience for those who keep their stats open on a second monitor.
  • GDPR compliance.
  • Bug fixes, especially for those of you switching between console and PC.
  • We streamlined our graphs, as Epic Games is still working on the “Time Played” stats.

Thank you for your loving support! Reach out to us via twitter and share our features (especially our superior streaming overlays) with your friends!

Is Epic testing faster networking?
May 10, 2018
iOS App Now Available!
May 2, 2018

After months of convincing non-gamers at Apple that a Fortnite stat tracker is not a clone of Fortnite itself, the iOS version of Fortnite Scout is now available! Want to check on that guy you’re now spectating without alt-tabbing out of the game? Maybe you want to track how well you do as a team vs solo? Maybe check out your favorite streamer before committing to a squads match?

Yup, he’s a keeper.

Or perhaps you want to brag that you’re very quickly catching up to be the next Ninja.

SHOTS FIRED. Your move, spiky.

No matter how you like your statistics served, it can all be done from your phone now! No more weird mobile web browser, no more zooming to use other inferior trackers designed for desktops. It’s free, so give it a try!

And let us know what you think on Twitter. We do enjoy chatting with you.


Update April 20th
April 20, 2018

We’ve got some great features for you this week! Check it out:

  • NEW: You can now view way more of your match history! Here’s an example.
  • NEW: World Rankings available on the front page and here.
  • Twitch Panel Extension now available for your channel!
  • NEW: More Twitch overlay options!
    • Session: K/D and Placements PRO: The advanced version of our most popular overlay designed for top streamers. Includes kill/death ratio alongside Fortnite Scout’s unique placements bar for your top 25%, top 10%, and win counts per streaming session. This version adds your match count, win percent, and win streak.
    • Session: Successes: By popular request, a version of our most popular overlay for more casual players. This overlay celebrates your kills and placements per streaming session.
    • Day: Successes: By popular request, a version of our most popular overlay for more casual players. This overlay celebrates your kills and placements over the course of an entire day. Resets at your local 6AM.
    • Lifetime: Stats Overview: Your lifetime overall stats across all game types. Includes kill/death ratio, win percent, and Fortnite Scout’s unique placements bar for your top 25%, top 10%, and win counts.
  • Layout improvements to the home page for desktop users.
Twitch Overlay Beta
March 25, 2018

Thank you for your overwhelming interest in our Twitch overlay feature (and shout out to TSM_Hamlinz who agreed to be our first test subject, go watch him)! We have decided to open it up as a public beta, just so long as you understand what that entails: There may be bugs, and we will be updating it throughout the week. If that’s cool with you, head over to to learn how to add it to your streaming software of choice. Check back here for updates.

Known issues:

  • If you have trouble positioning your overlay, try bringing up your inventory (default: Alt Key) before Alt-Tabbing away from Fortnite.
IGN: New Blitz Game Mode Explained
March 19, 2018
iOS Beta invites are happening!
March 15, 2018

And Fortnite Scout is in. It doesn’t look like stats are available from Epic just yet, but we promise we’ll be ready for them the moment they are. What do you think of the Fortnite iOS beta so far?

Cross platform support for Xbox!
March 14, 2018

Epic games has announced that Xbox will be playable cross platform between Xbox, PC, Mac, iOS, and Android! They haven’t given an official date as to when this will be available yet, but they did indicate that it will be in the very near future!

NEW FEATURE: Day Tracking and Match History
March 10, 2018

The Fortnite Scout stats tracker now has match history! This comes in two flavors:

  • Day Tracking: You can see your placements bar for the day update every few minutes, tracking your Kills, Wins, and Top Placements since the start of the day. This is especially useful for streamers, as you no longer need anyone keeping a tally.
  • Historical Data: You can see your most recent data snapshots with a breakdown for your Kills, Wins, and Top Placements for each snapshot. If you remain on Fortnite Scout while you play, it will update itself every few minutes to show you a breakdown game-by-game.

We are excited to hear what you think about the new features, as well as what new features you would like added to the site in the future! Now, pull up your stats and get to playing some Fortnite!

Fortnite announces Teams of 20 mode
March 7, 2018