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Fortnite Vaults the Flint-Knock Pistol
February 24, 2021
Fortnite view of the mountains

From GameRant: Fortnite has announced a new hot fix to the game that went live on Tuesday morning. The patch includes the removal and the return of some popular weapons, and a new limited-time mode called Comeback Squads… READ MORE

Fortnite Officially Reveals Flash Skin
February 10, 2021
Fortnite Flash Outfit and Cup details

From GameRant: It was already leaked ahead of schedule but Epic Games has officially confirmed that The Flash is the latest DC icon to be added to Fortnite as a skin, joining the likes of Batman, Harley Quinn, and Green Arrow. Granted, he doesn’t exactly match up with the hunter theme Season 5 has been running with, which is probably why he’s not a part of the game’s Battle Pass and instead be simply acquired from the in-game item shop… READ MORE

Fortnite Mando’s Bounty LTM Revealed
February 2, 2021
Fortnite The Mandalorian character with holograph of a banana

From GameRant: Fortnite players still have a month or so to enjoy Season 5 aka Zero Point before Season 6 inevitably rolls in. With all the multiverse shenanigans the current season as been embracing, with numerous guest characters from God of War‘s Kratos to G.I. Joe‘s Snake Eyes, it’s admittedly easy to forget that this season is meant to have a hunter theme going on, one that began with the inclusion of the Mandalorian… READ MORE

Fortnite G.I. Joe Snake Eyes Collab
February 1, 2021
G.I. Joe Snake Eyes Fortnite outfit

From GameRant: Fortnite continues to double down on its crossover content, with the latest addition to the game coming directly from the G.I. Joe universe. The consistently popular silent ninja Snake Eyes has been made available in the game, and his crossover goes a bit further than some other additions… READ MORE

Fortnite Predator Skin
January 15, 2021
Fortnite Predator crossover skin

From GameRant: Fortnite‘s long history of crossovers with big names like Deadpool, Marvel, and more continues. Fortnite is featuring a crossover event with Predator now, and players can unlock its skin for themselves… READ MORE

Fortnite Finally Adding Highly Anticipated Feature Early Next Year
December 24, 2020
Fortnite character building a wall

From GameRant: While Fortnite remains an incredibly popular game, thanks in large part to its free to play battle royale component, it has evolved considerably since it first launched back in 2017. The focus has largely shifted on the many crossover events, concerts, and gameplay improvements that have been made over the years, most recently with the high profile additions of characters like Master Chief, Kratos, and Din Djarin with Baby Yoda. However, one mechanic that lies at the heart of the experience is being able to build structures on the fly… READ MORE

Operation Snowdown Starts Now in Fortnite
December 18, 2020
Fortnite snowy scene with houses and planes flying around

From Fortnite: ‘Tis the season in Fortnite and Crackshot’s trusted right-hand Snowmando has arrived to spread cheer and tactical delights. Join him on the cold frontlines in his self-titled mission: Operation Snowdown!

Taking the Island by storm December 18 to January 5, complete Snowmando’s Quests for free Outfits and more, fly planes through the chilly skies, play fan-favorite LTMs, and enjoy the snowy scenery… READ MORE

Fortnite’s Kratos And Master Chief Skins Could Be Setting Up Something Big
December 4, 2020
Fortnite God of War Kratos outfit

From GameRant: Fortnite seems unstoppable, with the game’s levels of success drawing in bigger crossovers as the years go on. With a Marvel event recently coming to an end via a massive battle with Galactus, the latest Fortnite extravaganza broke records for player count and viewer numbers, and it would likely be extremely hard for Fortnite to replicate its success. However, recent crossover leaks for Fortnite indicate that something big is on the way, and it may be even more memorable than driving battle buses into a super villain… READ MORE

Fortnite Season 5 Brings Back Tilted Towers With One Big Change
December 2, 2020
Fortnite Season 5 characters

From GameRant: Fortnite Season 5 is now live in the battle royale game, giving players the chance to explore a reworked map. The new Fortnite map is similar to previous maps in the game, though this one has considerably less water than the original Chapter 2 map did. It also brings back a variant of one of the most popular Fortnite locations ever, and it will be interesting to see if it ends up being the place to drop as Season 5 progresses… READ MORE

Fortnite Reveals Galactus Arrival Event
November 23, 2020
Fortnite Galactus Event details

From GameRant: Fortnite‘s Chapter 2 Season 4 Marvel crossover has been its most successful and popular season yet. However, the current Marvel Season is coming to an end very soon. It’s been known since before Fortnite’s Marvel crossover began that it was going to end with Galactus… READ MORE

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