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Fortnite Adds the Driftboard and It’s New LTM
February 19, 2019


Fortnite Content Update 7.40 adds the long-awaited Driftboard where you can boost around and land awesome tricks all while shooting at enemies! The Driftboard was first announced in December where it was supposed to be launching in update 7.10. However, it had some complications on the addition and had to be delayed.

Nevertheless, Fortnite came through and brings a new and exciting limited time game mode along with it. The mode called Drifin’ has two teams of 32 players where you can find the Driftboards in red Supply Drops around the map. All of the Chests and Ammo Boxes have been removed but the Driftboard regenerates your health and shield. Be the last team standing to get the win. Check out the full update at Epic’s site here.

Major Changes to Plane Damage and Weapons
February 11, 2019


From GameRant: According to a post on the official Fortnite Battle Royale subreddit, this week’s v7.40 update for the free-to-play title is set to change it so that planes can no longer fly through structures and destroy them, which ought to promote a sense of safety to those perched atop a tower they’ve built while doing battle with an X-4 Stormwing. What’s more is that rocket launcher reload times will be increased from 2.52s to 3.24s, giving those on the receiving end of the explosive weapon a little more time to try and survive… READ MORE

Fortnite Valentine’s Day Event
February 7, 2019


From GameRant: Ever since it was revealed that Season 8 would start at the end of February, many Fortnite lovers have wondered how developer Epic Games would pass the time between the two seasons, given that season 7 is effectively over two weeks beforehand. Now, we know that Valentine’s Day Share The Love event will not only span this time period, but also it will introduce new Overtime Challenges to keep its player base active over the next few weeks… READ MORE

New Bottle Rockets and Environmental Campfires
February 5, 2019


Fortnite 7.30 Content Update has just been released with the BoomBox being vaulted and the new Bottle Rockets being added. Although, this new item works a little differently than some may have expected.

This uncommon weapon drops in stacks of two where players can throw them on the ground where it will start shooting out rockets automatically in the direction it was thrown. In the span of nine seconds, it will fire 45 rockets that can deal 10 damage to players and 40 damage to environmental objects per explosion.

As for some other changes, the prop campfires that can be found around the map can now heal players just like a Cozy Campfire. However, they can only be used once per match. Along with that, rocket ammo has been reduced from ammo boxes and dynamite has been reduced from chests. For some more details on the update check it out here.

In-Game Dj Marshmello Concert This Weekend
January 31, 2019


From GameRant: As many Fortnite Battle Royale fans would likely attest, Epic Games has continually brought a bevy of new content to the free-to-play shooter in order to keep players engaged, with one of the most recent additions being its Season 7 Week 8 challenges. Now, though, it looks like the developer is planning something a little bit unconventional this time around, with a datamine of the title’s Update 7.30 indicating that a live in-game concert featuring DJ Marshmello will be taking place this weekend… READ MORE

Fortnite Vaults 4 Different Weapons
January 29, 2019


From GameRant: During its run, Fortnite has vaulted a number of weapons (which means they are no longer loot items in the battle royale mode). As of early January 2019, there have been several items, weapons, and traps join those ranks, with 2019 seemingly on a cleaning spree. The latest 4 weapons to be vaulted may also be somewhat confusing to some, as they are more garden variety than most that typically end up vaulted… READ MORE

Here’s How the Chiller Grenade Works
January 29, 2019


From GameRant: Alongside a myriad of changes to Epic Games’ battle royale title Fortnite in the version 7.30 update, the developer has seen fit to add a new ice-based grenade appropriately called the Chiller Grenade. Likely inspired by on-going wintry events on the battle island or the now-vaulted Chiller trap, this grenade may not exactly work as many expected… READ MORE

How to Complete All Season 7 Week 8 Challenges
January 25, 2019


From GameRant: As Season 7 of Fortnite closes in on its conclusion, Battle Royale players have begun formulating theories about what event will kick off season 8 and what new changes will impact the world. In the meantime, however, the usual bevy of Fortnite challenges have arrived in-game for players to work on their Battle Pass progress… READ MORE

Fortnite Makes Major Changes to the Ice Legion
January 24, 2019


From GameRant: Epic Games continues to evolve the Battle Royale experience for Fortnite players, which certainly helps to keep things feel fresh on the sole map that’s been available since the mode launched. This time around, an Ice Sphere exploded, revealing an entity known as the Ice King as well as unleashing a winter spell which turned the entire map into snow and ice. The event also unleashed creatures known as ice fiends into the world for players to hunt to complete special challenges, though it appears not all players were satisfied with the creature’s spawn rates… READ MORE