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Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 2 Release Date
January 24, 2020

Fortnite Chapter 2 Release Date

February 20 Fortnite will be getting some big changes with the start of Season 2. This includes some secretes they have not revealed yet and that Fortnite will be moving to Unreal Engine’s Chaos physics engine.

So, they have begun testing with a small group of players beforehand and will keep making improvements. In the meantime, Fortnite will be getting more Overtime Challenges and a new two-week event. Check out the full post at Epic’s site here.

How to Sidegrade Weapons in Fortnite
January 16, 2020

Fortnite Sidegraded weapon

From GameRant: Fortnite Chapter 2 has been a massive hit, and players have been enjoying all the new features and improvements that came with the latest chapter of the game. On top of all that, Epic Games has been busy introducing new crossover events and other fun activities to keep the player base engaged. The Winterfest event got wrapped up recently, but Epic Games is not one to wait; instead, they just released the latest v11.40 patch update for the game which brings some changes to the battle royale. The most significant addition was the new feature known as Sidegrading… READ MORE

How to Get the New 2020 Glider
January 2, 2020

A disco ball and a Fortnite character using the new

From GameRant: Fortnite brought in the new year with some big explosions and fireworks, similar to the new year’s celebration for 2019. The celebration was a gathering of gamers ready to bring in 2020 with some Battle Royale Matches and fireworks. But players also got an additional little gift; a new glider for a finding an unlit firework on the map… READ MORE

Fortnite’s Winterfest Begins
December 18, 2019


The holiday celebration has begun in Fortnite bringing lots of free gifts you can open each day. While in the in-game lobby, head over to the Winterfest Lodge by clicking on the snowflake tab. There you will be able to open an exclusive present every day for 14 days.

The gifts include two Outfits, two Gliders, two Pickaxes, two Wraps, one Emote, and more! If you happen to miss a day, there’s no worry as you will be able to open all the presents before January 7. Along with free presents, there will be extra rewards you can earn by doing challenges from your stocking. Check out some more details of the event at Epic’s site here.

Fortnite’s Star Wars Event: Here’s What Happened
December 16, 2019


From GameRant: Just last night Fortnite had their Star Wars event, and it was one of their biggest live events yet. It was so big, in fact, that Epic’s launcher couldn’t handle how many people were trying to sign in. For those who were able to sign in for the event (or at least watch it on Twitch) it was one of the coolest events in the history of FortniteREAD MORE

Fortnite Adds Star Wars Outfits and a Free Glider
December 13, 2019

Fortnite Star Wars Outfits like Rey and Finn

This Saturday, December 14th at 2 pm ET will be the screening of never-before-seen footage of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker at Risky Reels. If participating in the event, you will earn a free TIE Whisper Glider. Along with the glider, there are now new Star Wars pickaxes, gliders, and outfits like Rey and Finn in the Item Shop. Read more at Epic’s site here.

Fortnite Adds Split-Screen to Battle Royale
December 12, 2019

Fortnite Update characters standing in a line

From GameRant: Right now, Fortnite is gearing up for several events to wrap up its 2019 and celebrate the holidays in proper fashion. Fans won’t have to wait to start receiving gifts, however, because today has brought with it a pretty unexpected new feature that should be welcomed by those who enjoy playing Fortnite‘s battle royale best with friends… READ MORE

Fortnite to Debut Star Wars Scene In-Game
December 9, 2019

Fortnite Star Wars Scene Poster

From GameRant: Epic Games is putting together another massive Fortnite crossover event. Massive in the sense of what it will be crossing over with, as the event itself will be rather straightforward. According to an in-game message found at the Risky Reels drive-thru theater, Fortnite will be hosting a special crossover with the upcoming movie Star Wars: The Rise of SkywalkerREAD MORE

How to Complete Fortnite’s Secret Sorana Skin Challenges
December 3, 2019

Fortnite Sorana Skin

Most Fortnite seasons in the past have included a secret skin that players can unlock by completing a set of challenges in the game. The Scientist skin in Fortnite Season 10 was one of these secret unlockables, and now Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 is also providing fans an opportunity to collect a secret skin called the Sorana skin. Players who’ve completed one of the Alter Ego challenges and managed to collect all the hidden letters to form “FORTNITE” can use the secret Sorana skin in the game… READ MORE

How to Get Battle Breakers Razor Skin in Fortnite
November 27, 2019


From GameRant: Fortnite, the Golden Joystick esports winner for 2019, has a brand new skin for the Save the World mode that’s free and pretty easy to get. The skin is a Battle Breakers skin, making players look like the main character from the Battle Breakers game. But if Fortnite players want this skin for their own, they’ll need to pick up their phones first… READ MORE

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