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Fortnite Chapter 2: Here Are All the Vaulted Items
October 15, 2019

Fortnite Chapter 2 Vaulted Items

From GameRant: As fans dropped into the brand new island map for Fortnite Chapter 2, they quickly found that the recent update is much more than a simple visual overhaul. As indicated in the recent launch trailer, this latest permutation of Fortnite has added a lot of new mechanics and features on top of the familiar shoot and build moment to moment gameplay. In addition to motorboats, being able to swim, and shooting bandages at teammates with a Bazooka, Epic Games has also streamlined the weapon systems by vaulting a large portion of gadgets and guns… READ MORE

Fortnite Chapter 2 Reduces the Grind, Adds Tons of New Features
October 15, 2019

Fortnite Chapter 2

From GameRant: Epic Games shocked the gaming community by bringing the massively popular Fortnite Battle Royale to an end. An in-game event triggered rockets and rift portals to spawn and essentially blow up the map players have been fighting on for 10 seasons and leaving players with nothing more than a black hole for the past two days. Earlier today, Epic’s master plan finally came to fruition as Chapter 2 officially launched and made sweeping changes across the board… READ MORE

What Happened During The End Event
October 14, 2019

The Black Hole of Fortnite

From GameRant: The event that ends Fortnite as we know it has occurred. Welcome to The End. As scheduled, Epic Games’ epic ending for Fortnite Season 10 went off at around 11:00 am PT. It started with a rocket launch, not unlike the Season 4 rocket event that many put down as Fortnite‘s explosion to success… READ MORE

How to Get The White Scientist Skin
October 11, 2019

Fortnite White Scientist

From GameRant: After two and a half months, Fortnite‘s tenth and most divisive season is finally coming to an end. With a giant countdown timer in the sky ticking down to The End, players are anxiously awaiting what comes next for Epic’s Battle Royale shooter. That doesn’t mean, however, that there isn’t some time left to finish a few more challenges and grab a new skin before Fortnite‘s new season begins… READ MORE

TFT Scout for Teamfight Tactics
October 7, 2019

TFT Scout

Our new website TFT Scout was just released for Teamfight Tactics to help you learn and overcome the competition. It provides the list of items and recipes to use as a resource before and during game time. The champions cheat sheet also helps you create the best possible team builds in regards to their classes and origins.

TFT Scout also tracks the current global leaderboards for all tiers so you can keep tabs on your placement as well as the top players in the world. Check out the website at

Fortnite Details How Bots Will Work
October 4, 2019


From GameRant: Following the news that Fortnite will soon add bots to the game, developer Epic Games has decided to use the latest announcement on their official website to explain a little more on what the bots will be doing. This comes alongside other information on other upcoming updates like the new matchmaking system and the extension of Season 10… READ MORE

Fortnite Season 11 Delayed
October 3, 2019


From GameRant: Fortnite players are excitedly awaiting the culmination of Season 10. This season has been full of wild events, with each week dramatically changing a section of the Fortnite battle royale map. It’s all building up to a crisis point, with both the meteor that crashed in Fortnite Season 3 and the “Zero Point” powered orb set to burst… READ MORE

Starry Suburbs Location Added in New Update
September 26, 2019

Starry Suburbs

From GameRant: Fortnite‘s Visitor has caught players by surprise, dropping a Rift Beacon near The Block but having it turn away from the player-built area of the map. The latest Rift Field in Fortnite‘s battle royale map has instead turned to the side, revealing a brand new named Fortnite area. Introducing Starry Suburbs, a new suburban area placed to the north of Pleasant Park… READ MORE

Fortnite Update Adds a “Never-Before-Seen” Weapon
September 25, 2019


From GameRant: Fortnite 10.40 update just went live, and the new update brings a lot of fresh content to the game. Epic Games shared the patch notes, and so far the most significant additions to the game are improvements in aim sensitivity and matchmaking. But, the update also brings extra content, including the whole new Starry Suburbs location to the Fortnite map, and the new location brings with it a whole new “never-before-seen” weapon… READ MORE

Fortnite Making Changes to Matchmaking, Adding Bots
September 24, 2019


From GameRant: Since its inception, Fortnite has seen consistent changes and fixes to its gameplay from developer Epic Games. With each season comes new content, including a recent Batman-themed update, for players to sink their teeth into. Yet, Fortnite still hasn’t seen any changes alterations to its core mechanics, which is about to change according to an update from the Fortnite Team… READ MORE