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Fortnite Update Adds Infantry Rifle and More
April 18, 2019


The Fortnite Update 8.40 was just released with new LTM’s, weapons, and even interactions. The new Epic and Legendary weapon called the Infantry Rifle is a semi-automatic rifle that deals 42/44 damage and uses medium ammo. As well, the egg-themed grenade launcher is back basically just to get in style for the season.

Along with the weapons, there are two new Limited Time Modes one in which looks a lot different from what they have had in the past. The new Air Royale takes battle royale to the skies where you and a partner have to stay alive as the last one’s flying. With all of this Fortnite has also added the ability to pet the dog and other animals. Take a look at the other mode and more at Epic’s Patch Notes here.

Fortnite Season 8 Week 6 Secret Banner Location
April 4, 2019


From GameRant: Fortnite players were met with some new challenges this week, which include visiting a stone pig, metal llama, and a wooden rabbit, searching where the knife points on the treasure map loading screen, and visiting the 5 highest point of elevations. After all that and more, players will be able to collect a secret banner for their locker, but Epic Games has bamboozled its players this week… READ MORE

Fortnite Update Adds the Boom Bow
April 2, 2019


The new Fortnite v.8.20 Content Update came out today bringing a new bow and arrow weapon called the Boom Bow. This weapon does just like it sounds by exploding on impact. Because of the shell tip, the weapon uses shotgun ammo and deals 100 damage from the explosion plus 15 to 30 damage based on the hit.

When firing, you can pull back the bow for 1.6 seconds to reach its maximum power to control how fast the arrow will shoot. It will be interesting to see how the Boom Bow plays out in battle. For other details on the update regarding bug fixes and more check out Epic’s notes here.

Where to Find Bananas, Coconuts, and Peppers
March 28, 2019


From GameRant: Fortnite has finally released its floor is lava mode with the 8.20 patch, and with it come a new slew of challenges for players to survive. With deadly lava all around, making it through and coming out on top might require a little help in the form of consumables, which is where the game’s latest additions, bananas, coconuts, and peppers come in… READ MORE

Fortnite Floor is Lava LTM Teased
March 26, 2019


From GameRant: There’s no doubt that Fortnite Battle Royale Season 8 has been given a lot of new content for players to experience, with new map changes, a fresh vehicle, the new Flint-Knock Pistol, and more. Now, the video game developer Epic Games has decided to bring even more materials for fans of the free-to-play multiplayer shooter to try out, with the studio adding a new Limited Time Mode (LTM) called “Floor is Lava”… READ MORE

Fortnite Season 8 Week 4: How to Beat All Challenges
March 22, 2019


From GameRant: A new week in Fortnite means yet another set of challenges to complete on the road to unlocking the tier 100 Luxe skin. It’s worth mentioning that finishing these challenges doesn’t just help unlock the Luxe cosmetic, but it adds up to the secret Discovery skin as well as the hidden banner reward as a result… READ MORE

Fortnite Update Adds Flint-Knock Pistol
March 20, 2019


From GameRant: Ever since the beginning of Season 8 in Fortnite Battle Royale, Epic Games has continued to include a bunch of fresh content for players to engage with, such as the new map changes or the addition of The Baller vehicle. Now, the video game developer has decided to bring a new weapon into the fold that supports some of the pirate themes players have seen with the eighth season, as the Flint-Knock Pistol has officially made its way into the game… READ MORE

Update Adds New Vehicle and Changes to Vending Machines
March 12, 2019


Fortnite update v8.10 rolled out today along with a new vehicle called The Baller. This is a single-seater where you can roll around, boost, and grapple while staying safely inside with The Baller having 300 damage. It can be found around Expedition Outposts and pirate camps.

As for the Vending Machines, the items are no longer required to be paid for. However, once an item has been claimed from that Vending Machine it will be destroyed. Get there quick because the Common and Uncommon machines have been removed making them highly valuable.

On top of that, there are more changes to the gameplay with custom animations for healing items and bug fixes for the pirate cannon. As well, Xbox One and PS4 players are now required to opt-in for cross-play with each other to have access to Creative Mode and Playgrounds. Read more on the patch notes at Epic’s site here.

Fortnite Adds Treasure Maps and Tournament Event
March 6, 2019


From GameRant: Fortnite’s first post-Season 8 update is now available. Patch v8.01 delivers on one of the season’s biggest promises, Buried Treasure. Battle royale players can now track down a chest full of legendary loot, just like the Fortnite Season 8 cinematic trailer promised. Buried Treasure isn’t the only reward to be discovered in patch v8.01, however… READ MORE