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Added Sneaky Snowman and Vaulted Quad Launcher
January 22, 2019
Sneaky Snowman

Fortnite Content Update v7.20 has just been released with changes mostly to the weapons and items. The addition of the Sneaky Snowman lets players either throw a destructible snowman or wear the snowman. The cool thing is the snowman acts as a shield that provides 100 health.

However, it is destroyed once switching to another item or building mode. The snowman also comes in stacks of five with a max of ten so players can reuse them or set them as decoys.

As for the other weapons and items, the Quad Rocket Launcher, Grappler, and Port-A-Fortress have all been vaulted. As well as a reduction in drop rate for regular Shield Potions, Balloons, and Gliders. Check out Epic Game’s website for more details here.