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Can Fortnite be played cross platform?

Yes, Fortnite is able to played cross-platform! Instead of the typical way you might expect where players are paired by device type, the game is instead split into three categories of players by control type: Keyboard/Mouse, Gamepad, and Touch. Rather than playing with others by device, the game pairs you with other players who are playing the same way that you are. This helps ensure that a player doesn't use a controller on a mobile phone for an advantage on other players. A player with a controller will be paired exclusively with other players also using controllers.

Note: A player with a mouse and keyboard in a party with a player using a touch screen or gamepad will be put into a game with players using the "highest" input control, meaning players using keyboard and mice in this case. The order that is determined is Keyboard/Mouse > Gamepad > Touch Screen.

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