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Fortnite Scout is the best stats tracker for Fortnite, including detailed charts and information of your gameplay history and improvement over time.

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Fortnite Adds New ‘One Shot’ LTM and Scoped Revolver
January 15, 2019


From GameRant: Patch version 7.20 features a handful of key changes to Fortnite including a brand new mode known as One Shot. In this mode, players start with only 50 health in a map featuring low gravity. As the match progresses the only way to heal is to locate bandages and to make things even more challenging, only hunting and sniper rifles are available to use… READ MORE

Fortnite Bringing Back Glider Redeploy With a Catch
January 14, 2019


From GameRant: Fortnite update v7.20 is right around the corner, with developer Epic Games slowly revealing some of the content set to release alongside it. Potentially chief among the new changes coming is the legendary scoped revolver that promises players perfect accuracy. However, it appears the developer is also shaking up the meta with a key change to the glider redeploy feature… READ MORE

Patching One of Fortnite’s Most Annoying Wall-Building Problems
January 11, 2019


From Dexerto: Coming in the V7.20 update for the battle royale title, the new feature was announced on the Fortnite subreddit on Friday, January 11.

The update will specifically address issues players have had with placing walls on surfaces that are not completely flat, and is a change that Fortnite fans have been wanting for some time… READ MORE

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